moving past religion and man created beliefs

it is an ongoing theme of this blog, and one that i knew would be difficult to convey, let alone convince anyone, someone, everyone…

G_d did not create religion.  he did not write, in any script those religious books & documents that are followed, and held with such high regard it is almost like worshipping the written word itself.  made to be holy, the holiest of holies.  think about that. that paper with ink, created by man, written by man, based on men’s thoughts and translations are revered as holy. unable to move past that, to expand your thoughts into accepting that almost all of it was written by men.

open your mind for one minute to the possibility of having your own relationship with G_d, with no middle man, no written word, no human involvement. it is a scary thought, going one-on-one with him, with no intermediary, no translator, no interpreter… but how can you say that you believe in G_d, until you’ve given that a try?

i understand that coming from this religion or that following has given you the feeling or understanding that if you question, that is perceived as not having faith. i say that is WRONG!!!

i believe that G_d actually wants you to explore, consider and then reconsider, look, pray with an open mind and open spirit, delve, and come full circle.  he WANTS us to wonder and question so that we eventually find him on our own…. to have a true, G_d to YOU experience with no one, no thing, no religion, no doctrines, no humans, no third parties standing between YOU and HIM.

oh, yes it is a scary thought, and a huge plunge to take. to question that which you’ve believed your entire life. to actually have a RELATIONSHIP with G_d, not a saint, not a prophet, not a written book, not a church, synagogue, temple, building, holy alter, holy water, hymn, or any of the thousands of bindings that hinder a true spiritual experience with your heavenly father. what is stopping you? is it the belief that having any thought outside of your current religion would be a sin? well, i guess that would depend on your understanding of the word sin.  personally i have never thought of sin as seeking out a truer or stronger relationship with G_d.

do you believe he will turn away from you if you seek him and thus seek a personal relationship with him?