Hearing G_d’s “voice”

by ruthjohnston

Why the quotation marks?

It’s not like in the movies; something from The Ten Commandments or Moses. Most of us are not going to actually hear a big booming voice say, “John, I want you to move that mountain from there to here”.

It’s a bit more like the iconic angel on one shoulder asking you to do what’s right, and devil on the other, urging you to go the other direction. Here’s the thing though, the angel is actually G_d trying his hardest to show you the way, and the devil of course is just you, and your good old human nature wanting the easier, more fun or very often more pleasureable path.

Now, when we are at a so called crossroad, it’s in us to know which way we SHOULD go. That’s G_d’s voice. He always, always gives us that knowledge. Do we see it, or hear it? Not usually! We stumble through life with our “blinders” on, placed there by our own egos and desires. However, in that split second decision-making, full steam ahead mode, if……and let me emphasize that again–IF we just take a moment to allow G_d to speak, we will see the other choice. It’s often less obvious, because (again with the human nature thing), it’s just our way to automatically take the easy path, or the most seductive, or the one that just plain appeals most to us.

I’m not talking about big, life-altering choices here, though those are in there too. Rather it’s all those things we do, all day, every single day that make us who we are, and can and do alter the courses of our lives.

My boss just pointed out a personal flaw! Do I, having taken a major blow to my ego, fly off the handle and do or say the first thing that comes to mind? Ok, yes probably–that would be that little devil on my shoulder mentioned above. If instead I take a moment to hear what the angel (God) on the other shoulder has to say…. hmmm, there it is–that’s it! That’s God’s voice trying to align you with what he wants for you. He wants you to have your own best life. He already knows every single dumb thing you’re going to do or say, or could do if you just blindly follow your own selfish instincts. He also knows that if he can get through to you often enough, things will always– ALWAYS be better and easier, allowing for your maximum goodness and blessed life.

Okay, so more details on this “hearing G_d’s voice” thing. Along with our own banal instincts, egos and humanness, we add non-stop outer influences and stimuli. Our t.v.’s are on 16 hours a day, and if it’s not t.v. it’s our radios blasting with the latest um, music? Add computers, iPods, newpapers and opinionated friends and we have a real issue with forming a clear thought, let alone hearing God’s voice.

When I eliminated the t.v. (yes I know a very drastic move and brought about initially by frustration with cable costs), I realized the added bonuses fairly quickly. Then I also cut way, way, way back on radio and other sources of stimili, I began to hear him much more often. Not only that, but it gave me so much more time for contemplation, meditation, prayer, soul-searching and just plain bonding time with G_d . Sound dull? Yup, it is! If by dull you mean more at peace , happier and more stable feeling than ever.

He knows you want it! I know you want it. I know that deep down inside, YOU know you want that, too. It’s just a matter of whether or now you ever allow that to surface.

That will only happen when you decide that your own status quo just isn’t making you happy. It isn’t working out, quite the way you’d like.

I’m talking major lifestyle change here (that’s what you’re thinking, right???), but not really, because once you do it, and you see what it brings you, it doesn’t seem major at all. Actually it seems like the most natural thing in the world.

It doesn’t require hours of hours on your knees in prayer. It does require that you become more aware of your own inner voice, your surroundings and many, many habits that we all believe are just a way of life. It does require living in the moment, and just being. It’s not hard! It really does not take any effort. It’s not magic, or weird, or something that is only available to ministers, priests, nuns, Buddhists, prophets or whatever preconceived idea you have about who G_d speaks to.

The ONLY thing that it takes is slowing down, quieting down, unplugging and being.

So sometime within the next few hours or so, you will have a choice. Maybe a telemarketer calls and wowsie, you really want to let him have it. It’s the same company that bothered you last Tuesday during dinner. How dare they call again, when you already let ’em have it last time. You could do the same thing; blow a fuse, say what’s on your mind, call names, make threats…..  OR you could listen. In that split second you do have that little gnawing voice telling you to be kind; to consider that is actually a human being on the other end of the line. To realize they are only doing their job, and are probably only there because they are desperate to support themselves and perhaps a family. Now, what is that little voice telling you?

…that “angel” on your shoulder.