How did we get here, and how can we get back?

by ruthjohnston

How did we get to this place, all of us in this insane race to own more than the next person? Having more equals being more? Somehow this now equates to being a better person than the one who has less or owns less or makes less???

Without getting into history lessons and how the industrial age changed this world into a non-stop production-buying-owning-wanting-changing-for-the-sake-of-changing mega WalMart monstrosity that it is today, allow me to say that wanting more, desiring pretty things, heck even wanting what we shouldn’t have, goes back to the very beginning. Remember that whole Eve and the apple thing, though I guess she probably wouldn’t have wanted it so much if that dagburn commercial, ur I mean serpent hadn’t enticed her. Actually lied and egged her on would be more like it. (Think about that very line for more than a split second, lied and egged her on…. like every good pitchman/ad agency that ever existed).

I won’t even get into the argument that we don’t so much as think for ourselves~~~ as follow society blindly. That would make for a completely different blog, though none the less fulfilling to write.

I just don’t understand how, in a world filled with so many that consider themselves to be religious, of one religion or another, the vast majority belonging to a religion that beseeches it’s followers to forgo materialistic longings for a life seeking to know G-d. It shocks and surprises me almost daily, how many that attend a place of worship on a regular basis, place more value on how much they make, what kind of car they drive, and how much they just spent on an outfit, wrinkle cream, piece of furniture or you name it. How many of these so-called believers aren’t happy with making enough money to put food on the table, and a roof over their heads, but need more, want more and keep working more and more just to have that.

Don’t all major religions teach trusting in G-d completely for all of your needs? Don’t they also emphasize turning away from material desires? If so, and we consider ourselves to be devout, or at the least believers, then why do we need to continue polluting, using-up valuable resources both to produce and to ship, buying, driving to jobs, working longer hours and on and on and on and on and on. It is out of control and we turn a blind eye to it every second of every day.

How many of you have a list of goals for the future, that include a major purchase?

How many have a goal of living a simpler life and seeking to know G-d better?

I’m just saying…