turning it all off, to tune into G_d

by ruthjohnston

or how i quite t.v. cold-turkey with no withdrawals

i’ve mentioned in one or two previous posts that i gave up my television. though we kept it for a year, along with the dvd player, to allow for watching an occasional movie, we found doing that happening less and less and recently gave the big, heavy, space-waster to Goodwill. i’d always thought i could make better use of the space in my living room, and now it is just that~~~ a living room.

so, what prompted this drastic, life-altering change and what have i learned from it? initially it was one of those “one of these days, i’m going to just kick the t.v. habit” things that i was saying with more and more frequency, based on the quality of programming as much as a desire to live a fuller, more meaningful life. i guess you could say the opportunity just presented itself. when we moved back to rural ohio from cleveland, i just couldn’t fathom the prices for cable, and initially planned to purchase an antennae, tower and necessary equipment to get the 3 local stations. we figured that’s all we really wanted anyway. we didn’t really have the cash for all of that, and budgeted it for 2-3 months down the road. i guess you could say 3 months was all we needed, to realize we didn’t need it.

in that amount of time, i started working from home, realized i was indeed a good housekeeper, began taking after dinner walks, became socially active, and most importantly of all, i realized a long-term goal of hearing G_d better.

for about as long as i can remember i’ve prayed for a better sense of knowing his plan for me. i’ve begged & pleaded for him to be more obvious in his desires for my life. actually the prayers had become beseeching that he use giant, bright, neon letters on a billboard beside my bed. not really, but i reasoned with him, that he, being my creator, had to know how dense i am at times (most of the time) and that if there were something he wanted me to know (and i’ve known since i was 5 that there was), then dog-gone it, he need to be a lot, i mean A LOT more obvious about what it was.

guess what? without the background noise i was better able to listen. i became more in tune with him and myself. i became focused and my thoughts less erratic. in addition to working from home, cleaning, walking & socializing, i began doing yoga and meditating. i’d done yoga years before, along with weight-training and other fitness programs. this time i saw yoga as a spiritual discipline and the meditating a natural flow from that. i’d always wanted to meditate, i just never sat quiet long enough to make a serious attempt. i honestly believe this world would be perfect, if every single person meditated.

here’s why: it centers you, it aligns your energy with all energy and you come to realize your true nature. it brings you in touch with your creator in a deeper way than prayer, and i don’t say this lightly. if you’ve read my earlier posts, you know how strongly i feel about prayer. meditation is like unspoken prayer, but the answers you seek are suddenly there.

y’know that neon light i mentioned a couple paragraphs ago? not needed. everything i wanted to know was just there. the fascinating thing is it had been all along….