being your best YOU

by ruthjohnston

isn’t it terrific? we get a fresh start every single day to be better people. yup, every day i mess that up in a thousand little ways and a few big ones, and yet i’m offered a new opportunity each day to start all over again. what exactly is our best self and is it different for everyone?

nope, no difference. it doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, what your beliefs are or how you are raised. you know inside what being your best self is. it is always seeking the highest ground, taking the high road, striving to be kinder, more patient, less judgmental. as humans, it’s in our nature to be good.

however, nowadays it is so easy to get caught up in the way of the world. we believe what we’re taught & what we hear and see most often, that being what is on our televisions, on the radio, online, in the movies & in magazines. those media exist only to make money and can’t do that unless you buy into what they need you to believe. well, when i say need, that’s need as in need to make money. (that statement in itself is beyond complicated~need to make money and worth further deep consideration).

it’s extremely challenging to quiet all of that noise around us long enough to hear our own inner voice reminding us how to be our best.

putting our egos on a shelf, and opening ourselves to the idea that almost anything & everything that we desire is a part of our own giant ego, if it does not serve a higher purpose. by looking at each desire as it surfaces & dissecting where that want came from, it becomes increasingly easy to differentiate those ego-driven desires from the ones that serve mankind & thus G_d.

finding a better job so that you can make more money~~ how does that relate to serving G_d (i’m not saying that it never does, just that it seems unlikely)? bigger house? new car? fancy clothes? is there any argument at all as to what, other than ego, is served with any of that?

volunteering at the local shelter? donating to the local food pantry? baking a cake for a shut-in and delivering it for a nice long visit? that is how we serve G_d. that is actually worshipping him.

and THAT is being the BEST YOU that you can be….