guilty as sin

by ruthjohnston


the word alone is a bit scary, taboo sounding, hush-hushy like i want to whisper it

we know what sin is, as i believe all people are born with the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, though many place their egos above that knowledge and instead choose to do what pleases them.

if you are Jewish or Christian, you have the ten commandments to guide you; in those simple laws, it has been laid right out for us. additionally we have laws & ordinances, as well as each society reminding us of what is acceptable versus unacceptable behavior.

for this post, i’d like to focus on the first commandment; the one that is, i believe, the most misunderstood.


now, i’m not big into interpreting anything biblical, or trying to translate what G_d has said, but i know most of you know that worshiping anything other than G_d is sin. include in that, placing greater importance on something other than him.

say what you want, but most of us place greater value on almost everything, OTHER than G_d. i believe this, because i’ve been just as guilty as anyone. we kid ourselves & say, “but i worship him, so that is making him more important”. i’ll address the issue of~what is worship further into this post, but first let us consider if that is truly making him more important. if what you seek, desire, long for AND work hardest to acquire are material things~possessions, belongings & money, is that not placing them before G_d? do you work as hard for a relationship with your heavenly father as you do to say make more or otherwise own more? is your relationship with him the thing you cherish & think most about? is it the one thing you consider most important? do you truly treasure your relationship with your creator? if so, would you say you work towards it as hard, if not harder than you do anything else? or in truth, is it kept someplace in the recesses of your mind, to be addressed someday?

if that is the case, and i know you’ve heard this before, are you not in fact worshipping material possessions, things, cars, houses, boats, money? is your social status more important than your relationship with G_d? are you about to stop reading, because you’d really rather not deal with this right now? does it come across as too holy-roller? too in-your-face?

perhaps you’ve convinced yourself that he understands; i know i’ve used this logic. after all, he put us here, with all of this stuff. he “knows the way we are”, right? yup, he sure does know the way we are. doesn’t mean he doesn’t expect better. see the above line in bold, all caps. i don’t think that is negotiable, and i get the feeling it wasn’t followed by LOL.

what it actually means is placing him first. making him the most important. loving him above all else. dedicating your life to serving him, not yourself or your ego. that doesn’t mean living in a cave and not having relationships with others. it does mean being more aware of your priorities & being more aware of G_d. it means dedicating a portion of your life in service to him, which begins with serving the human race & earth. it means showing your love of G_d, in all that you do, all day every day; ALL the time, not just when you feel like it. it’s not rocket science & this knowledge is not given to a choice few. we all have it, we all know it. the only difference is in acknowledging it, accepting it, believing it, committing to it & making the conscious choice to follow that path.

when i refer to our dealings with others, it means in the tone of voice we use, our attitudes, our sense of fairness, our standards, our ability to overlook differences, to leave judgement to G_d, to love unconditionally across the board. that goes for everyone, not just family, friends, those in our inner circle or situated on the same social ring. it is constantly striving to become the person you know G_d wants you to be (search deep if needed, it’s there). it goes without saying, and i know you are already aware, but we all need reminders from time to time.

a couple paragraphs ago, i mentioned worship and what that means. it’s not only about putting on your Sunday best and going to sit in a pew for an hour and a half and then being free to do whatever you want for the rest of the week. it’s not only about getting dressed for Temple, going through the rituals, then going about doing what pleases you, the other 6 days. it’s about living a G_d driven life. praying to him, talking to him, serving him~serving human kind~caring for others and our precious planet every single day. it’s about considering him in everything you do, all day, every day. it is not just about rituals, sermons or the like, though i know he finds those pleasing as well.

the first commandment? it’s about LIVING WORSHIP and it’s about time…