what religion is G_d?

by ruthjohnston

the post i put off writing…

for fear of upsetting loved ones & friends.  for fear of alienating those i love, when they find out what my stand is on religion.  the truth i’m about to reveal in this post.

staying quiet about my true stance on religion and G_d was postponing my service to him.  i’ll address that in a moment.

as a child, i was raised a christian and sat in church wondering what the differences were between us and those of the Jewish faith? i had a hard time understanding why, if Jesus was Jewish, we didn’t practice HIS religion.  as an adult, seeking to know Jesus better, I looked to Judaism and studied with a rabbi.  it was during that time my mother informed me that my great-grandmother was Jewish.  something i would like to have known before my 30’s, but okay, it is what it is.  i strongly considered converting, but i felt held back by an unseen force.  i then began a 10 plus year quest to better understand all major world religions.  i read, studied, and read some more, on a never ending quest to understand how to best worship G_d.  during all of this, the nudging i had felt my entire life was beginning to take shape, becoming a bit stronger and slightly more in focus.

for some time now, if asked what religion i consider myself, my response has been, a Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or a Jewish, Christian Buddhist or i guess depending on who asked maybe even a Buddhist, Jewish, Christian.  as a person who has spent her entire life making nice, never wanting to upset or make anyone mad, i was not totally forthcoming on that which i believe to be the most important of all topics.  though very opinionated about many topics, i often kept that one under wraps, especially if i felt it could become an issue between myself and a friend or loved one.

i can no longer do that.  i cannot be deceitful about what my most deep seated beliefs are.  i can’t stay quiet any longer.

the truth of the matter is, i do not have a religion.  i worship G_d and ONLY G_d.  i study the great prophets Jesus Christ and Mohammad as well as the great teacher Siddhārtha Gautama (Buddha).  i study all religions.  i have read dozens of religious texts, i have a basic understanding of most religious dogma and church doctrine and i am clear on one thing.  i do not put a name on my beliefs, and they are not channelled through a human.  i worship ONLY G_d.

in previous posts, at the beginning of this post, and for the last few years with close friends & loved ones, i have alluded to the mission i feel i have been given from my creator.  i don’t say this lightly, or to be honest, very easily.  i know the way that it sounds, and i’ve tried for years to reason with him that i was not the one he wanted, that this task was beyond my limited abilities, and to0 daunting for one as weak as i.  i’ve known for quite some time that once i got started, i would be considered a kook, a nut-job, a freak.  i knew i would risk being avoided and possibly feared.  those who know me best know i am anything but an introvert.  i enjoy spending time with people, be it friend, family or stranger.  the thought of possibly losing that part of my life tormented me greatly, but i’ve come to terms with it.  as much as i love those things, it cannot compare to the love i have for my father.  i’ve prayed on this matter for over 40 years but the prompting has become so persistent it is keeping me awake at night.  i can no longer turn my back on the task he has assigned.

what does my background, or the mission from G_d i am on, have to do with the topic of this post? the mission i am on is simply to teach complete love, devotion and service to G_d, with the understanding we are all the same to G_d.  regardless of religion, nationality, race, background, education, position in society or even former behavior and sins, when we pray, worship, ask for forgiveness or enter into any type of union with him, we are all equally loved by him.  the lessons i feel compelled to teach are simple.  they are the same teachings of those far greater than myself, but lessons that have often been distorted and twisted to serve human purpose, not G_d’s.  i also feel it is important at this point to stress how unimportant i am, that i do not believe myself to be special, i am not a great prophet, or any type of a prophet at all.  i have no great powers, nor do i believe that my father has placed me in a position above anyone else.  i don’t fool myself into believing that anyone is reading this or cares to listen to what i have to say, just that i am compelled to do what i believe my father wants me to do.  i don’t believe i have any knowledge or gift that anyone else does not have, simply that i have become attuned to it, at this particular point in time.  we all have the same ability to hear his voice, to follow his commands and to enter into service to him.  i am no better, no smarter, no holier, no more special to G_d than any other person who has lived or is now living on this planet.  i am faulty, i have sinned greatly, i have been irrational, unyielding, selfish, egotistical and at times unloveable.  i know that i will still struggle with all of those issues, as i am only human. through it all, however, every step of the way, no matter how difficult the road, regardless of how far i have fallen from the path, i have always felt my father’s love, his presence and his insistence that i move forward in serving him.

so back to the topic of this post. what religion is G_d? when he created the earth, everything in it and humans, what religion was he? while you’re dwelling on that, another thought to consider~how many gods are there? if you are of a monotheistic belief, your answer is one and only one. so, i wonder, is the G_d the Jews pray to the same G_d that Christians and Muslims pray to, or are the believers of each of those religions praying to a different god?

yeah, i thought so.

without going into my personal semantics and how i arrived here, i will say i know that along the way we strayed a bit off course. human egos entered the picture, holy stories were interpreted to suit our own needs and then reinterpreted again.  stories were told and retold for hundreds of years before being written down, and then often times grossly edited.

my point is we’ve lost our way! i’m not saying there is anything wrong with religion, or the religion that you practice, but that we’ve reached a point where often times religion itself has become more important than actually worshipping G_d.

we all worship the same G_d and there is no one way to worship that is better than the others.  the belief that one religion is superior to another, has been the source for hatred, fighting and many wars.  i could never believe that is what our father wants.  i believe he wants us to care for each other and to strive for excellence, perfection and pure love.

make G_d the center of your world and when you worship, do it with your whole heart, your soul, everything you have.  reevaluate your own beliefs and principles and give thought to how you can take that up a notch.  while you’re at it, appreciate that all of us, no matter what religion we are or aren’t, are G_d’s children and that he loves us all the same.  do you currently believe that he doesn’t love all of his children the same?  do you think he loves those of your religion more, or that only those from your religious affiliation will spend eternity with him?  if so, i say you’re wrong.

does he only hear you if you pray in a certain way, in a certain position, in a particular building or structure?  can he hear you better if that building has stained glass or is facing a certain direction?  does he love you more when you go through certain rituals, in certain colored garments?  does he participate in religious holidays?  do the religious holidays of your religion mean more to him than those of another religion?

just wondering…

what religion do YOU think G_d is?